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the 2023 Summer Session
Classes Begin Monday June 5th

LIL' NINJASA class designed for boys 3-4 years old.  This class will focus on the beginning building blocks of the ninja discipline.  This class will get the little ninjas moving and flipping, with a combination of gymnastics, parkour, martial arts, and some obstacle course training.  Classes will last for 45 minutes and will be priced at $70 per month for one class a week and $120 a month for two classes a week.  
NINJA ZONE - A class designed for boys 5-11 years old.  This class is broken down into two different age groups 5-8 years old and 8-11 years old.  The classes last for one hour and are $75 per month for one class a week or $130 for two classes a week.
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